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Haunted House Help is for people who feel like they have no where else to turn when they are experiencing paranormal activity or hauntings in their home. We are not paranormal researchers, rather, we offer healing services and education for those that want it.

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I believed in entities and energies and all that stuff, I just didn’t know how serious it could get until I was put in that situation. After the clearing…it was amazing. The air felt like “Light”…just very, very light. Everyone should know that clearing is an option, it’s very important. It’s amazing and changed my life completely, I’m so grateful. Thank you!

Courtney Raske


We all noticed the energy shift after the clearing. It can be felt immediately and wow, what a difference in the house. It wasn’t just me, our children felt it too. It’s unmistakable and the difference between night and day. Clearing translates into happy families and livable houses and Catherine didn’t have to come to the house. I hope this reaches more people, because they don’t have to live with situations like that.

Ben Ortiz


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge for your services?

Yes I do. I am a professional healer with more than 15 years of training and experience. Yes, I charge for my services. You can read more about that on my primary website

Do you have to come to my house?

No. My services are done remotely and they can be performed for anyone, anywhere on earth. However, if you would like me to visit to your house, we can make arrangements to do that. But in most cases it is not necessary. In general, visiting the home in person, is done for other types of consulting that I do for clients.

How many houses have you worked on?

In more than a decade, I have successfully facilitated clearings for hundreds of property owners, REALTORS and business owners who have hired my services.

Who are you? How can I trust you?

My name is Catherine Filarski and you can learn more about me on my primary website How can you trust me? Well, all I can say is you can read about me, read the testimonials, read the information on the site, the blog, watch my client interviews on YouTube, etc. and if you want to move forward, then you are welcome to. If not, that’s fine too.


These are orbs and they are very common. Millions of people around the world have seen orbs in their photographs or videos. In some cases the orbs can feel positive and uplifting and in other cases, orbs are a sign that the home or land needs clearing. Orbs, like many topics around haunted houses is a big subject and one that should be looked at on a case by case basis.


This is a real picture of a portalway. Portalways are common in house clearings and in this picture it is the white streak on the top right hand side of the picture. This picture has never been retouched or altered in anyway. I challenge anyone who wants to investigate this photo to check its’ authenticity.

Advice if you think you have a haunted house.

I have been doing this work long enough to know that people who are experiencing hauntings, in general, their life is in turmoil. Life is chaotic, they live in doubt, fear and don’t understand what is happening to them. Often, not always, but often, they think they are the only ones who have this problem. They are not.

Haunted houses can occur for anyone. Rich or poor, a religious person, a spiritual person or an atheist, it doesn’t matter. Your spiritual views do not matter.

I get many inquiries and in general, people will want to tell me all about what is happening for them and I can understand this. However, as a practitioner, I can not get caught up in the hauntings and the stories. If I did, I would not be able to do my job very well.

So if you contact me and ask me, “should I get a clearing?” My answer…is always going to be “yes.”

It’s ok to send me an email, but the answer as to whether or not you should get a clearing will always be yes.

I have a process, and the process is, the clearing comes first. Then if I have questions or need more information from you I will contact you. After the clearing, we have a consultation, and that is where you have the opportunity to share your story with me. That is what I prefer and how I do my work.

If this process is not for you, then I’m not the practitioner for you. I’m not here to prove I’m the practitioner for you. I’m not here to prove that clearing works. If I didn’t believe that clearing works, I wouldn’t have put my career on the line for more than 15 years.

My goal is to see people get educated around the Haunted House topic. This planet is loaded with haunted places and what I’d like to see is that people understand that and do something about it. It’s more than ghosts, it’s way more than ghosts.

I’m very compassionate towards people with this issue, but my style is straight forward and direct. People who find themselves in haunted homes are there for a reason. My desire is to get you out of the situation that is creating so much chaos. I believe there is always a solution and in 99% of the cases, it doesn’t mean you have to move…not at all.

So my advice…be open minded and willing to learn. I don’t have all the answers, but I have a good amount of them.

I hope this bit of information gives you a better understanding of my perspective on the situation of haunted houses and clearings. I look forward to helping anyone who wishes to work with me.

Catherine Filarski

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